2018 Newcastle Stamp and Coin Expo

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25 TO 27 May 2018


  1. 2018 Newcastle Stamp and Coin Expo

Will be held at the Newcastle Showground Exhibition Centre, Brown Road, Broadmeadow, 2292 from 25-27 May 2018. Address for further information:

Secretary, 2018 Newcastle Stamp and Coin Expo, P.O. Box 34, Jesmond, NSW 2299

Email  glaidler@bigpond.com   

Website: www.newcastlephilatelicsociety.org.au or www.apf.org.au

  1. Organisation

A Half National Philatelic Exhibition organised by the Newcastle Philatelic Society Inc., with selected FIP plus APF Classes under the auspices of the Australian Philatelic Federation Ltd (APF). The Society has appointed an Exhibition Committee (the Committee) to run the event.

 Background to the Exhibition

2018 sees the centenary of the founding of the Newcastle Philatelic Society Inc. This exhibition forms part of the centenary celebrations.


These regulations are based on the APF Regulations for Australian National Philatelic Exhibitions.

  1. Conditions of Participation

Participation in this Exhibition is open to all exhibitors in Australia and New Zealand, whether they are members of affiliated organisations or not.  The exhibitor must be the bona fide owner of the exhibit. Exhibits shall not be in joint names except for husband and wife entries or the Literature class.  Each entry must be made in the correct class.  If considered necessary, the Committee or Jury may transfer an entry to another class.  Non-competitive entries will be made only on the invitation of the Committee. The exhibitor shall provide a description for the catalogue comprising not less than 20 and not more than 50 words.  The Committee reserves the right to alter any description for the catalogue.

  1. Classification of Exhibits

Division 1    Non-Competitive Class Invited Exhibits

Division 2    FIP & National-Level Competitive classes*

2.1       Aerophilately

2.2       Astrophilately

2.3 [a] Postal Stationery

[b] Modern from 1980

2.4       Revenues

2.5       Literature

2.6 [a] Postal History

[b] Modern from 1980

2.7       Frugal

2.8       Polar

2.9       Picture Post Cards

*Other National-level and APF classes are being offered at the 2018 Canberra Stamp Show.

  1. Applications

Applications from exhibitors are to be made on the official entry form (or a photocopy) and forwarded to the Exhibition Commissioner, P.O. Box 34, JESMOND NSW 2299 or by email to moore.john@optusnet.com.au THE EXHIBITOR MUST PROVIDE A DRAFT OF THE TITLE PAGE AND/OR A ONE PAGE DESCRIPTION OF THE EXHIBIT WITH THE COMPLETED ENTRY FORM. CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES IS WEDNESDAY 28th FEBRUARY 2018.


All exhibits must be mounted on white or light-coloured sheets.  Single sheets may be up to 23 cm wide or some multiple equating to 4 standard sheets in a row (wider will result in overlapping) with a maximum height of 28.5 cm, INCLUDING THE SIZE OF THE PROTECTORS. An exhibit mounted on black or dark-coloured pages will not be accepted.  Oversize sheets will be mounted only if prior approval of the Committee has been obtained.  Sheets for each exhibit must carry the name and address of the exhibitor on the back of each sheet and be numbered consecutively, on the back in the top right-hand corner, in the order in which they should be mounted.  Only sheets for display may be submitted.  Display frames hold sixteen sheets (4×4).

Entries in Division 2 (multi-frame) can consist of between 2 and 8 frames.

An exhibitor may submit any number of competitive entries but no more than one entry of the same country or subject in the same class if of a similar or continuing nature.  Where an exhibitor submits multiple entries, order of preference for acceptance should be indicated.  The Committee will try to accept all but, depending on space and frame availability, reserves the right to limit the number of entries accepted for this Exhibition.  The Committee also reserves the right to reject any entry without assigning any reason for such decision.

  1. Entry Fees

Entry fees are $45 for each frame of 16 sheets for Division 2. Literature entries are $45. Frame fees and return postage (where applicable) must accompany the completed entry form. 

  1. Delivery of exhibits

After paying the entry fee, the exhibitor will receive notification of frames allocated and an envelope for each frame of 16 sheets. Each sheet shall be put into a lightweight transparent protector, with only one side open.  The protector shall not exceed the exhibition sheet by more than 1 cm all round.  Sheets received without protectors will not be accepted. Certificates of expertisation (where applicable) shall be placed behind the relevant sheet in the protector.

Exhibits forwarded by post must reach the Committee not earlier than 14th May but not later than 21st May 2018. Two copies of Literature entries must be sent so as to be received by 31 March 2018. Exhibits sent by mail must be forwarded pre-paid to the Exhibition Secretary, P. O. Box 34, JESMOND NSW 2299 and will be returned as soon as practicable after the close of the Exhibition in the manner directed by the exhibitor on the entry form.  Sufficient return postage must accompany the entry form if the exhibit is to be returned by post.  Where no instructions are received, the exhibit will be returned as soon as possible at the exhibitor’s expense by Registered Post Insured Person to Person (in Australia) or as an insured parcel post (overseas) to the address on the entry form provided.  An exhibit may not be removed before the close of the Exhibition.  Adequate notice shall be given to the Committee if early collection of exhibits is desired.

  1. Plan of the Exhibit

All exhibits should have an introductory page or plan to indicate what is being shown and give guidance to the viewer, including areas of special interest.

  1. Security and Insurance

The Committee will take all reasonable care of the exhibits with which it is entrusted. However, it declines all responsibility in case of loss, theft or damage of the exhibits during conveyance to/from the exhibition or at the exhibition. Exhibitors are advised to arrange adequate insurance for their exhibits.

  1. Mounting of Collections

Upon receiving the exhibit, the Committee will issue a receipt, which must be produced after the Exhibition to obtain the exhibit. All exhibits will be mounted and removed from the frames in accordance with instructions given by the Bin Room Manager.  Personal mounting or removal of exhibits may only be done with the express permission and according to the directions of the Bin Room Manager.  No exhibit will be released after the exhibition until checked by the Committee.

  1. Juries

Members of the Juries will be approved by the APF. The decisions of the Jury are final and cannot be contested. Jury members, consultants to the Jury and apprentice jurors may not participate in the competitive classes for which they are a Jury member.  Members of the Jury must declare any conflict of interest relating to any interest and that in some circumstances they will need to be excused from the Jury eg if they have a close personal association with an exhibitor. Judging will be done in the frames and will only be carried out on the sheets so presented.  Judging will be carried out in accordance with the FIP General Regulations for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits, the FIP Special Regulations for each class, the APF Special Regulations for APF Classes and the special regulations for 2018 Newcastle Stamp and Coin Expo.  A judges’ critique of exhibits will be held and competitive exhibits will be reviewed for interested participants including, when possible and time permitting, a brief ‘in front of the frames’ discussion.  A judging sheet and critique will be returned with each entry.

  1. Exclusion

Exhibits containing forgeries or reproductions not so described shall be penalised by the Jury. Exhibits containing items which can be proved as not being the property of the exhibitor shall not be judged by the Jury.

  1. Awards

The Committee will place for disposal by the Jury the following awards: Grand Awards, Special Prizes, Medals (Large Gold, Gold, Large Vermeil, Vermeil, Large Silver, Silver, Silver-Bronze and Bronze) and Certificate of Merit and Certificate of Participation.

 Modification or Withdrawal

For the duration of the Exhibition, an exhibit may not be modified or withdrawn.  Exhibitors are reminded that the APF rules stipulate that once an application form is accepted by the Exhibition Committee, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to produce the exhibit.  Failure to give notice of withdrawal or to produce the entry is subject to penalty by the APF and, in either case, the entry fees will not be returned.  Overseas exhibitors should send entries by their appointed National Commissioner/Judge.

    1. Quarantine-able and Prohibited Items

Items which cannot be accepted in exhibits coming from overseas include material which would be quarantined by Australian Officials such as feathers, wood and seeds. In addition, exhibitors should be mindful of excluding prohibited items which should not be taken on board aircraft such as matches.

 Amendment of Exhibition Regulations

The Newcastle Philatelic Society Inc. reserves the right to amend these special regulations.  Any matter not covered by these special regulations shall be decided by the Committee.

      1. Recognition of Exhibition Regulations

By the signing of the application form, the exhibitor is bound by these special regulations for 2018 Newcastle Stamp and Coin Expo.

Entry Form
Newcastle 2018 Entry Form
Previous Exhibitions


  1. Dealers and Stands at the 2018 Newcastle Stamp & Coin Expo

1. Pittwater Philatelic Service, Sydney
2. Ace Stamp Auctions, Perth
3. Kenton Philatelics, Perth
4, 5. Renniks, Sydney
6. Edith & Herman Oczenaschek, antiques and small collectables
7, 8. Pacific Rim Coins, North Sydney
9. Brisbane Stamps (Troy Sequeira)
10. Town Hall Coins and Collectables, Sydney
11. Pat Palmer
12. Edlins of Canberra
13. David Bryon
14. Burstamps (Stewart Robbins)
15. Craig Chappell
16. Richard Juzwin, Melbourne
17. Shields Stamps and Coins, Melbourne
18. M & S Coins and Banknotes
19. Ham 4 Stamps (Steve Hamilton)
20. Abacus Auctions
21. Bexley Stamp Accessories
22. Phillip Morehouse
23. AAA Stamps
24. Empire Coins
25, 26. M R Roberts (Wynyard Coins)
27. Kevin Morgan (Stamp News & postal history)
28. Cards of Yesteryear