Catalogue of Exhibits

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Class 1 – Traditional160   
Traditional5CordonDavidDe la Rue, Bermuda Queen Victoria stamps and their uses
Traditional5ClarkBillEmblems Issue of Victoria 1857to 1863
Traditional5OrrJoanRSA Second Definitives
Traditional5ElsmoreDaveQueensland Railway Freight Stamps 1965 to 1994
Traditional8LevinePhilipGold Coast Queen Victoria and King Edward VII
Traditional8SavinsLionelThe 1935 Pictorial definitive stamps of New Zealand
Traditional4LewisGeoffreySpanish Philippines
Traditional8StaffordGlenNicaraguan Postage Stamps – The Seebeck Era (1890-1899)
Traditional8LowerHarrySouth Australia’s small De la Rue stamps issued in the Colonial era
Traditional3LloydDavidGreat Britain 1966 Football World Cup
Traditional6XavierPaulFiji – King George VI – the Definitives
Traditional5HarveySarahHong Kong George V Definitives 1912-37, including China overprints
Traditional5TiernanJonVictoria Railway Parcel/Freight Stamps 1877-1966
Traditional5IslamMd ZahidulDefinitive Stamps of Bangladesh 1973-1977
Traditional8GurevitchRichard1938-1953 King George VI period postal issues
Traditional5FreemanMikeThe Duloz Stamps of the Ottoman Empire
Traditional5ChangZengshuThe Chinese Revolution of 1911 and Sun Yat-sen stamps
Traditional5KantorRodKatanga, South Kasai, Albertville and Stanleyville – Consequences of an African Tragedy
Traditional5LaidlerGregory1929 Swan – The stamp to commemorate the centenary of Western Australia
Traditional7LaidlerGregoryThe 1927 stamp commemorating the opening of Parliament House in Canberra
Traditional8BozicJohn1d KGV issues of the Commonwealth of Australia
Traditional5PearsonJohnThe Official stamps of South Australia from 1868 to 1914
Traditional5EbbingGertPrussia 1850 – 1867
Traditional8TreadwellMartinThe Philately of the two New Hebrides 1842 -1941: A story of two jurisdictions and one Post office
Traditional8SimpsonJeffNew Zealand – The Magpie Moth 1970-1973
Traditional3BestonBernardPanama Semi Postal issues 1939-1949
Class 2a – Postal History 2a8   
Postal History 2a8SchofieldTimMachine Cancels, Postmarks and Postal Markings of GB 1857-1914
Postal History 2a 
Postal History 2a 
Class 2b – Postal History 2b5   
Postal History 2b5RichardsSimonThe Postal History of Savoy to UPU
Postal History 2b 
Postal History 2b 
Class 3 – Postal Stationery21   
Postal Stationery8SmithMichaelThe Postal Stationery of the Orange Free State
Postal Stationery8GroomMalcolmTasmanian Embossed Stationery 1883 to 1912
Postal Stationery5ThackeryTonyNew Zealand Letter Cards from Queen Victoria to King George V
Postal Stationery 
Class 4 – Aerophilately5   
Aerophilately5WolfEdQantas’s International competitors during the tenure of Hudson Fysh (1931-1966)
Class 5 – Astrophilately5   
Astrophilately5BromserCharlesRocket Mail Pioneers
Class 11 – Open 72   
Open Philately8DaviesJohnA Jubilee Reminiscence
Open Philately8WalkerTonyThe German Occupation of Guernsey 1940-1945
Open Philately8DiffenGaryPreparations for War and the Australian Military Campaign at Gallipoli
Open Philately3GravestockLeighWellington Airport at Rongotai
Open Philately8WalkerTonyNorth Borneo Defence,, Occupation and Liberation 1939-1948
Open Philately3NewtonRossMartin Luther King Jr
Open Philately5ChequerGaye and GraemeThe Story of Vanilla
Open Philately 
Open Philately5DombayMiklosThe Blue Danube
Open Philately5MooreJohnCoconut-The Palm of Life
Open Philately4McLarenSinclairThe Piano
Open Philately5CromieMonicaThe Happy Hen and her partner, the arrogant Rooster
Open Philately5CromieMonicaHoney
Open Philately5McTaggartPaulThe Victoria Cross – Supreme Valour
Open Philately 
Class 12b – One Frame Postal History1   
One Frame Postal History1SmallAndrewQantas Slogans as used in Postal Franking  Machines, Metered Cancellations and Qantas Stationery
One Frame Postal History 
One Frame Postal History 
Class 12i – One Frame Picture Postcards10   
One Frame Picture Postcards1GendekMarilynNutritional Sustenance in a Nursing World
One Frame Picture Postcards1SmithDingleTally me Banana’-the rise of the Jamacia Banana Industry
One Frame Picture Postcards1HancockBarbaraSydney’s Historic George Street
One Frame Picture Postcards1PeckRichardRegional Trams of Australia
One Frame Picture Postcards1ChiversStephenMandalay
One Frame Picture Postcards1MarshallRossWest Coast Coal Shipping
One Frame Picture Postcards1EdwardsPaulineAppliqued Materials
One Frame Picture Postcards1FiggDavidThe 1900 Hoboken Docks Fire
One Frame Picture Postcards1DuberalRossFiji- Arthur Mills, publisher 1907-1911
One Frame Picture Postcards1ThorSteveWorld War I Postcards by Captain Bruce Brainsfather
One Frame Picture Postcards 
One Frame Picture Postcards 
Class 13 – Picture Postcards64   
Picture Postcards5KarmanHansWindmills
Picture Postcards5BodleyElspethOur National Capital 1901-1939
Picture Postcards5BeecheyDesSeventy nine Publishers of Tasmanian Postcards
Picture Postcards5FitzgeraldJeffPostcard Images of Aboriginal People
Picture Postcards6BanfieldJennyAnthropomorphic Cats
Picture Postcards8LongJeffW.T. Wilson, Photographer & Postcard Publisher, Auckland, New Zealand
Picture Postcards8DownesAlmaA Cornish Tour
Picture Postcards8RolandJennifer1900 Paris Exhibition
Picture Postcards5DiBiaseJohnMorbid Views
Picture Postcards5KouwenMikeThe semi officials (Departmentals) of Western Australia
Picture Postcards4MooreJohnQantas Flys to the World
Picture Postcards 
Picture Postcards 
Picture Postcards 
Class 14 – Polar Philately28   
Polar Philately3FiggDavidAntarctica – Last Frontier on Earth
Polar Philately5JonesDarrenHumans in Antarctica
Polar Philately5SaundersDianneAntarctica Expedition Ships 1773-2020
Polar Philately7HarryTeresaOperation Deep Freeze Picket Ships
Polar Philately8MarshallRossUSA-USSR Scientist exchange programme in Antarctica
Class 15a – First Day Covers a20   
First Day Covers8ScottAnthonyWCS Wesley Cover Service from 1934 to 2000
First Day Covers3XavierPaulTerritory of Papua and New Guinea -Sterling FDC’s 1952-1965
First Day Covers2KennawayTim1962 USA 4c Project Mercury Stamp issue. FDC, cachet makers and America’s 3rd Astronaut in space
First Day Covers2PeterGregoryAustralian Pre-Decimal First Day Covers. 1927-1940
First Day Covers5StaffordGlenGhana’s First Day Covers from Independence
First Day Covers 
Class 16 – Cinderellas2   
Cinderellas2CatterallDonAustralian Patriotic Labels and related Ephemera
Class 17 – Modern Traditional13   
Modern5MooreJohn1988 Australia Living Together
Modern8HancockBarbaraAustralia’s Peel and Stick Revolution
Class 18 – Topical9   
Topical5ChequerGaye and GraemeSelected Orchid Genera – Etymology, Distribution and Characteristics
Topical2BridgmanHowardFrom Imperial China to the Hobbit via Europe: Dragons on Postage Stamps
Topical2BridgmanHowardJapanese Buntsu (International Letter Writing Week) Issues – Classic Eastern Art on Stamps
Class 19a – Frugal
[TR, PH2ab, PS, Ae, As, Pol, Rev]
Frugal a7BestonBernardFormular Registered Envelopes of Eastern Africa
Frugal a 
430 .