Coming Events

This is a list of all the events planned by the society over the next few months. They are listed in date order for convenience.

All events listed at held at the Pasterfield Centre, Horizon Drive, Cameron Park. (See home page for directions). For all our meetings, the doors open at 1.50pm, meetings commence at 2.00pm. Afternoon tea follows the meetings, bring a cup if you remember. A members auction follows the monthly meeting.

You can print these pages by holding down CTRL and striking the letter P. Ignore page 1 (this is mostly blank), print pages 2 and 3. Note – this works on most computers.

Calendar for 2023

Thursday 8 June  –  monthly meeting, displayer Greg Laidler, Postal Uses of the 1927 Opening of Parliament stamp

Wednesday 21 June  –  social meeting, displayer Jim MacDougall, Jamaica

Friday 23 June – NPS Night Auction, Pasterfield, see Don C for details

Thursday 13 July  –  monthly meeting, displayer George Chalmers, Errors on Stamps

Wednesday 19 July  –  social meeting, displayer Ron Davis, Cruising the Caribbean

Thursday 10 August  –  Annual General Meeting, Annual Competition, awards

Wednesday 18 August  –  social meeting, displayer George Chalmers, Pre-cancelled United States

Thursday 14 September  –  monthly meeting, displayer John Moore, Zanzibar Air Mails

Wednesday 20 September  –  social meeting, displayers Chris Ashhurst-Smith tba & Ron Davis, Around the Himalayas

Thursday 12 October  –  monthly meeting, guest displayer

Wednesday 18 October  –  social meeting, displayer Don Catterall, Postcards

Thursday 9 November  –  monthly meeting, guest displayer

Wednesday 15 November  –  social meeting, displayer Carol Davis The Restless Earth, and Sandra Baker, British Antarctic Territory

Christmas Function – Wednesday 29 November  –  lunch from 11.00am to 3.30pm

Thursday 14 December  –  monthly meeting, displayer Warren Oliver

No social meeting in December

Draft for monthly meetings, first half of 2024

Thursday 11 January  –  monthly meeting, members bring 6 pages of something new

Thursday 8 February  –  monthly meeting, displayer Tony Walker

Thursday 14 March  –  monthly meeting, displayer guest

Thursday 11 April  –  monthly meeting, members bring 6 pages of a topic starting with the letter F. This is an annual event / competition, with the winners being decided by the members present.

Thursday 9 May  –  monthly meeting, displayer Greg Laidler

Thursday 13 June  –  monthly meeting, selection of one frame exhibits

Thursday 11 July  –  monthly meeting, guest displayer

Thursday 8 August  –  Annual General Meeting, Annual Competition, awards