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In May 1975, a Newcastle Philatelic society member offered to edit a News Sheet on a Bi-monthly basis, but nothing eventuated.  However, it was not till March 3, 1977, that a note in the Society Minutes, recorded; “Thanks to the producers of News Sheet No.1 for a mighty effort.” Since 1977, there have been several newsletter editors. During 1984, it was suggested that the newsletter be given a new title, eg “Newcastle Views” with the inclusion of the “Nobby’s” Pictorial postmarker as a logo. The name Views from Nobbys became the masthead, which incorporated the Society logo and the Newcastle pictorial postmark. Over the years production methods advanced through various processes namely spirit printing, photocopying and now digital. Currently the newsletter is prepared using digital programs. It is distributed electronically and printed in hard copy to cater for those members who don’t have computer access.

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